What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing involves a lot more than product and service endorsements from popular figures online or offline. Planned and implemented judiciously, influencer marketing can be a fantastic instrument to break new ground for brands, increase visibility or conquer new markets.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has been considered the big thing in brand communication for several years. It has evolved from a promising tactic to an essential element in the marketing strategy of a business or brand. Today this form of advertising has a firm place on all large and small social media platforms, from YouTube and Instagram to TikTok and Twitch.

Consumers spend more time on social platforms and respond better to those they consider like-minded. The so-called influencers address the target group in an environment where they themselves spend time, thus approaching them at eye level. Today, buyers tend to turn to each other for recommendations rather than directly to the companies, which is precisely where influencer marketing steps in.

Influencers are well-connected multipliers whose popularity has a major impact on their fans, followers, friends and communities. They use their reach on various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok or video platforms like YouTube or Twitch to promote brands, products or services. The aim of influencer marketing is to integrate a product, brand or company into the content of an influencer through direct placement or indirect sponsoring. Consequently, a brand can be established in a targeted and positive manner with their communities – the intended target group.

The value of influencer marketing is multifold

There are many good reasons for companies to rely on Influencer Marketing. Influencers increase interaction with the advertised brand or product, address the desired target group with authentic content and thus have a lasting effect on increased demand.

The precise definition of the target group is what makes Influencer Marketing so interesting for most companies. But first and foremost, influencers are deemed authentic role models whose recommendations can be trusted. Products and brands that the influencer “likes” will quickly end up in the
shopping basket of the followers, as recent studies show. Influencer marketing thus has a direct effect on the buying behavior of the target group – one of the most important reasons for this form of advertising.

Even with a small budget, large coverage and measurable success can be achieved – decisive advantages when planning an influencer marketing strategy. With the right EURASIA FORUM agency at your side, tailor-made influencer marketing campaigns can be planned, implemented and successfully celebrated. 

Research potential influencers, how their brand aligns with your values and also their reach in terms of following.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

An influencer marketing campaign would entail a distinct effort to coordinate a series of promotional activities by one or more influencers, with identified and measurable success criteria for the period. Measurements will normally be based around impact, much like other forms of advertising, determined by the volume of direct engagement linked to the promotion.

The key aspect to success is the planning of the campaigns, to ensure that the influencer or influencers chosen are the most appropriate and will deliver the best possible results for the investment. This also involves ensuring that the relationship between brand and influencer is clear and the agreements in place are appropriate for both sides.

As well as the right individual, it is vital to ensure that any influencer marketing campaign is using the right channel which could be video based, text based or more visual and interactive on social media. The right social channel for a particular product can very over time with trends and also differ across markets, making the choosing the right influencer marketing agency with local insight key to developing plans.

The right partner will not only offer a strategic perspective and provide a holistic view, but will also ensure the consistency of voice across the campaign and align with other brand activities. In many ways, this is an evolution of the traditional practice of celebrity endorsement brought into the digital age as well as the recognition that people trust people.

All B2C brands can employ influencer marketing services

Influencer marketing is an evolving area of practice and expertise, but is becoming vital, for consumer brands in particular, to engage the potential audience across multiple demographics. In many ways, this is an evolution of the traditional practice of celebrity endorsement brought into the digital age as well as the recognition that people trust people. Influencer marketing for brands involves those with large social media followings, whether well-known individuals from fields such as sports, entertainment, food, travel and fashion, or even other opinion-forming brands, being engaged to endorse and promote a product or solution.

Done right, influencer marketing can be an incredibly effective and powerful tool across all industries. With a professional selection of the most suitable influencer, however, niche topics will also gain effective exposure.

Authenticity and reputation are important values in the B2B sector as well and can help to make well-considered decisions with the least risk when making larger investments. For this, influencer marketing is operated with key opinion leaders such as industry analysts or niched media, who are renowned as experts in their field and therefore have a particularly high influence on opinion.

Risks also exist

The rise of influencer marketing has inevitably also produced new challenges and risks. These can include fraud, conflicts of interest, authenticity and follower inflation, all of which need to be understood and managed by brands using this tactic. Managing these elements is an important part of the influencer marketing agency role.

Is influencer marketing only for promotional campaigns?

Any properly constructed campaign will identify the success criteria from the start. As with any advertising activity, this will be measured on elements such as impact, awareness and where possible direct engagement as a result.

Influencer or brand ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador embodies the corporate identity of a company and introduces products, services and the company’s values to the public. The brand ambassador is used on a long-term basis and thus gives the brand a personal touch.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is driven by the popularity of influencer that you are wishing to engage, the platform, the industry, the campaign length and other factors. From the agency side, providing the services of research and devising strategy and then measuring and analysing is largely consistent no matter the nature of the campaign. The biggest factor may be the charges of the influencer and this will range significantly across country and sector.

In short, a predefined price cannot exist when so many details need to be factored in. With a strong partner at your side, the necessary budget is jointly determined in the influencer marketing strategy development.

How is influencer marketing effectiveness measured?

On a campaign level, in order to be able to confirm successful results, these should be measured and evaluated on the basis of predefined key figures. Selected metrics could be: clicks, conversions, mentions, number of followers or brand awareness (in terms of reach). On a strategy level, your campaign should produce the type of results that helps an organisation achieve its goals: more business, higher visibility, a more positive public sentiment etc. Each industry and organisation has different (types of) goals to work against.

What is the difference between influencer marketing and blogger relations?

Although many still use the two words as synonyms the difference can be found in the distribution channel. Bloggers are not predominantly active on social networks, but primarily maintain their own blog. Here, relevant products are mentioned or reviewed, paid posts about products are written or commercial guest articles are published. Influencer marketing includes the distribution on one or more social media channels, which may or may not include a personal blog.

What is the difference between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very sales driven strategy where there is direct recognition to the marketer for every unit sold. Influencer marketing is more similar to advertising activity. The company is still responsible for the sales with the influencer purely being responsible for the endorsement. The influencer may also still get paid the same amount no matter the success of the campaign.

What if we need influencer marketing in multiple markers?

For some international brands, influencer marketing campaigns in multiple countries is not unusual. A vital element is always have a strong degree of local knowledge and oversight with local delivery and expertise.

Can B2B influence marketing also be effective?

Influencer marketing strategies are like any other tactic in that they require planning and research to identify the elements that will deliver the desired results. This can be across both the consumer or the B2B space. 

Can we get specific celebrities to endorse our service or product?

Some celebrities also have a fan base on social media and are influencers. As long as this type of influencer maintains social media channels and the content and topics match the product and brand, the celebrities can be integrated into the Influencer marketing strategy.

Who needs influencer marketing services?

Influencer marketing is a complex strategy as it is evolving in nature and also requires detailed local knowledge. It is reckoned to offer an excellent ROI compared to other digital advertising tactics, but if not managed well can be an expensive activity. 

The scale of the network and deep local knowledge make us an obvious partner for brands in many jurisdictions and sectors. Influencer marketing can require knowledge of many different markets to understand the local practices and identify the effective influencers. Across the network we are focused on results which ensures the effectiveness of this approach where return on investment needs to be managed closely.


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