Official Inauguration Celebration of EurAsia Forum in Davos

The Official Inauguration Ceremony of EurAsia Forum

Session Summary

Opening Plenary

  • Location: Turmhotel Victoria Davos Switzerland
  • Time: 21 January 2020
  • Organizer: EurAsia-Forum
  • Moderator:  Robert Mojzes, Secretary General EurAsia Forum

Welcome Remarks:

  • Marianne Binder-Keller, Member of the National Council of Switzerland

Keynote Speech:

  • Cooperation China & Europe
    By Michael Winkler, Chairman of EurAsia Info Group, Co-founder of EurAsia Forum


  • China and Europe-The Role of Switzerland
    By Felix Sutter, President of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce


  • Chinese Family Offices and Wealth Management
    By Michael Viana, Head UHNW Client Services of UBS


  • The Story of the EurAsia-Forum
    By Irene ZHU, Executive Chairman of the EurAsia Forum

Description: The Official Inauguration Celebration of EurAsia Forum event hold at Turmhotel Victoria in Davos and numerous high-ranking guests attended by political leaders and high-ranking business influencers, representatives of important companies and Chinese and European fund experts and investors. The participants shared the successful experience of business strategies and International Public Relations Cooperation issues and the exploration of new opportunities in this area.

Ribbon cutting: Inauguration Ceremony of EurAsia-Forum

EurAsia-forumPhoto: EurAsia-Forum’s Inauguration Ceremony at Turmhotel Victoria Davos Switzerland on 21 January 2020. Photos by EurAsia-Forum David Wang.

The Global Fund of Fund (FOF) Summit

The Global Fund of Fund (FOF) Summit is Co-organized by EurAsia Forum and sponsored by the China FoF Alliance (CFOFA) and VCPC STFPAC, China (co-sponsor). This Event bring important international FoF-specialists and financial magnates from all over the world together.

The programme focused on the development and the international cooperation among FoF-managers worldwide, in the areas of research, global asset allocation as well as opportunities in emerging markets. The participants shared the successful experience of fund of funds internationalization, discuss brand innovation and value enhancement in China and Europe and explore more prospects for a deeper cooperation in the future between Chinese and European Funds.Photos Copyright by EurAsia-Forum/David Wang

The Global FOF Summit
New era of Global FOF Asset Allocation.
Focusing on development and international cooperation among FOF Managers Worldwide.

Welcoming Remarks Moderator by 

  • LI Yao, Deputy Secretary General of China FOF Alliance


  • Jason Tang,  Secretary General of China FOF Alliance
    Laurent Wehrli, Member of the National Council of Switzerland

Key Note Speeches:

  • LI Kaifu, Chairman of Sinovation Ventures
  • Bruce Ou, Managing Partner of Grove Street
  • Zhen Zhang, Chairman of Lakeshore Capital

Roundtable Forum Topic 1:

Family Wealth Inheritance and Management

Moderator: By Xiaowei Rose Luo, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise; Rudolf & Valeria Maag Professorship.

Roundtable Forum Speakers:

  • Philipp Rösler, Former Deputy Chancellor of Germany
    Ellen Van den Broek, Founder and Managing Director of Aurorae
    Philip Watson, Managing Director of Citibank
    Beatrice Rodenstock, Manager of Rodenstock
    Enio Shinohara, Managing Partner of We Capital
    Ge Qi, Managing Partner of Daoyuanze

Roundtable Forum Topic 2: 

How to Share Global Income and Role of Parent Funds

Moderator: Bo JI ,Assistant Dean & Chief Representative for Europe of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

Roundtable Forum Speakers:

  • Mark Corbidge, Managing Partner of Sun Capital Partners,
    Mark Florman, CEO of Time Partners
    Thomas Gütermann, CEO of Gütermann Family Office
    Sacha Pictet, Partnerof FPP Asset Management LLP (Pictet)
    Norman Villamin, Chief Investment Officer, Private Bank, Union Bancaire Privée
    Kathleen Bacon, Senior Advisor of HarbourVest

Roundtable Forum Topic 3:

Comparison of Investment Strategies of Global Parent Funds & Direct Investment Funds

Moderator: Feng Huawei ,Chairman of Xiaocun Capital

Roundtable Forum Speakers:

  • Sean Warrington, Partner of Graham partnership
    Gan Shixiong, founding partner of Shengshan Assets
    Zhou Weili, Founder and Chairman of Amphora Capital
    Tian Ning, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Panshi Group
    Junjun Ma, co-founder and partner of Tongdun Technology

Roundtable Forum Topic 4:

New Investment Trends of Parent Funds and Direct Investment Funds from a Global Perspective

Moderator: Gao Hao Director, Global Family Business Research Center, Wudaokou School of Finance, Tsinghua University

Roundtable Forum Speakers:

  • Don Pascal, Managing Partner of Moonrise Capital
    JiangYucai, Vice President of Shenzhen Venture Capital
    Xiaosong Liu, Founding Partner of Qingsong Fund
    Deng Di, Chairman of Tai Yiyun and Head of Davos China Blockchain Delegation
    Wenxi Gong, Director Structured Asset Solutions Credit Suisse

Award Ceremony

  • Yin Jiayin, Chairman of Beijing Hailin Investment Co., Ltd.
    LI Mingzhun, Chairman of Guangzhou Venture Capital Town Investment Management Co.,Ltd.
    List of the world’s best investment institutions

Networking Dinner and Photo Opportunity

Conference Languages: English & Chinese (simultaneous translation provided)
Dress code: Business attire