President Irene ZHU met with Jean-Jacques de Dardel Ambassador to The People’s Republic of China

Jean-Jacques de Dardel, born in 1954, is a senior Swiss civil servant.

Early life and education

Born in 1954 to diplomat parents, originally from Neuchâtel (NE) and Nendaz (VS) in Switzerland, Jean-Jacques de Dardel studied in the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Switzerland. He obtained a French Baccalaureate C (Scientific), a Masters in Political Economy from the University of Geneva, a Diploma in International Studies, and a Doctorate in Political Science/International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.


In 1976, he joined the International Committee of the Red Cross as Secretary-Legal Officer at the Conference on the Development of International Humanitarian Law. He joined the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in 1981 and began his career in Bern (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and Political Secretariat) and in Vienna. In 1982, he became the foreign policy speechwriter of the President of the Confederation, before being appointed diplomatic collaborator with Political Division 1, in charge of Eastern Europe, then Southern Europe. At the same time, in 1986 he set up and directed the Service de la Francophonie, supporting Switzerland’s participation in the International Organization of La Francophonie.

He was transferred to Washington in 1989 as First Secretary, then as Embassy Counselor in charge of political affairs and the media. In 1993, he became Deputy Head of the Swiss Embassy in Australia and Chargé d’Affaires in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. He launched various economic exploration missions across Australia and developed the Embassy’s public relations and cultural activities.

In 1996, he was transferred to Paris as Minister-Advisor for Cultural Affairs and La Francophonie, before becoming in 1998 Ambassador to the OIF and Personal Representative of the President of the Confederation to the Permanent Council of La Francophonie (CPF). As such, he is elected to the presidency of various committees of the OIF. He also serves as the personal representative of SG Boutros Boutros-Ghali during international missions. Jean-Jacques de Dardel is the former ambassador of Switzerland to China.[1]

From 2004 until 2007, he led the Political Division I (Europe, Central Asia, Council of Europe, OSCE) as Ambassador/Assistant Secretary of State. He was the National Coordinator for the Stability Pact for South East Europe and conflict resolution negotiator in two crisis regions. As of May 2007, Dr. de Dardel was Swiss Ambassador to Belgium and Head of the Swiss Mission to NATO. From 2011 until 2014, he was Ambassador to France and Monaco. In addition, in 2013 he was Head of the Swiss Delegation to UNESCO and Ambassador to the OIF. He was Vice-President of the 34th session of the UNESCO Heritage Committee.[2][3]

From early 2014 to March 2019, he was the Swiss Ambassador to ChinaMongolia and North Korea with residence in Beijing. As such, he led the largest Swiss diplomatic mission and consular and cooperation network abroad

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