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EurAsia Forum: Cooperation and Inauguration
Photo: In the morning of 21 January 2020 at Turmhotel Victoria, EurAsia-Forum an official Inauguration Celebration.

EurAsia-Forum (EurAsia Cooperation Forum) is an international non-profit organization based in Zurich Switzerland for public-private cooperation and helps bringing Europe and Asia (in particular China) closer together.

The EurAsia-Forum is a facilitator of sustainable economic relationships between Europe and Asia (in particular China).

Our Leadership

The Forum is guided by a Board of Trustees, exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values and oversee the Forum’s work in promoting true global citizenship.

The Board of Trustees comprises outstanding persons from business, politics, academia and civil society. In their work on the Board, members do not represent any personal or professional interests. In order to reflect the Board’s multi-stakeholder status, its membership is divided equally between representatives of the business community and leaders from international organizations and civil society.

The Managing Board, chaired by the Forum’s President, Ailian Zhu, acts as the executive body of the EurAsia-Forum and is supported by the Forum’s Secretary Robert J. Mojzes who is also responsible for PR and media relations. The Board ensures that activities fulfill the mission of the Forum and acts as its representative to outside parties.

The Managing Board has a collective executive responsibility for the Forum and reports to the Board of Trustees.

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 Ailian ZHU: Swiss-Chinese,  Founder and Executive Chairman of  the EurAsia-Forum . CEO of EurAsia Info Group.

Please find attached the official document of EurAsia Forum’s registration in Switzerland 



(Photo: Ailian ZHU, President 2nd from right and Robert J. Mojzes, 3rd from right)

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