About EurAsia-Forum

EurAsia Forum (EAF) is an International non-profit organisation that organising business events and hosting customized seminars and provides International Public Relations consulting, for support of establishing and developing successful business relationships and for International public and private cooperation.

EurAsia Forum (EAF) was established on April 2015 and headquartered in Zurich Switzerland. Since its inception, EurAsia Forum has been organizing regular meetings and forums to exchange views and share experience in support of establishing and developing successful business relationships.

EurAsia Forum aims to advance trusted communication and the ethical practice of public relations. We do this through networking, our code of conduct and intellectual leadership of the profession. The Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests.

The EurAsia-Forum ( Chinese: 欧亚论坛; pinyin: ŌuYà Lùntán)

Our Mission

To provide strategic communications counseling and programming which enable our members to build strong relationships across stakeholders, influence attitudes, inform audiences and shape behaviors with the potential to have a positive impact in our society.
To deliver on our mission and be able to respond to the evolving nature of our business, our work is anchored in strong core values that shape the way in which we work.

  • We deliver value through excellence in performance.
    We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.
    We act with integrity.
    We foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, sustainability and social responsibility.


Photo: EurAsia-Forum’s Inauguration Ceremony at Turmhotel Victoria Davos Switzerland on 21 January 2020. (Photo by EurAsia-Forum David Wang)  Pictured from right to left:

Mr. Michael Winkler, CEO of RefinSol
Mr. Robert J. Mojzes, Secretary General of EurAsia-Forum
Mr. Felix Sutter, President of Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Daniel Meier, President of China-Basel
Mr. Philipp Rueedi, CEO of Advise-X Ltd
Ms. Irene ZHU, Chairman of EurAsia-Forum
Dr.des Markus Roth, CEO of MARO culture exchange
Mr. Jason Tang, Secretary General of China FOF Alliance
Mr. Gregor Conrad, Principal of LionRock Capital
Mr. Khaled Bouharrour, CEO of Be.sign Creative Engagement 
Mr. Patrick Villiger, Board Member of Kayvisa AG

Board of Trustees

The EurAsia Forum(EAF) is guided by a Board of Trustees, Consisting of outstanding persons from business, politics and academia. They act as guardians of EAF’s mission and values and oversee EAF’s work closely, thus guaranteeing a high level of integrity. In their work on the Board, members do not represent any conflicting personal or professional interests.

Managing Board

The Managing Board has a collective executive responsibility for the EurAsia Forum (EAF) and reports to the Managing Board of Trustees. The Board ensures that activities fulfil the mission of the Forum and acts as its representative to outside parties.

The Board leadership and staff of the EurAsia Forum comprise exceptional individuals from many nationalities and different industries. List of Members of the Managing Board:

Executive Committee

The EurAsia Forum’s activities are managed by its executives. The EurAsia Forum is led by Founder and Chairman Irene ZHU who is supported by her Executive Assistant Robert J. Mojzes. The Executive Committee is responsible for the daily operations of the Association.

 Published on: 6 May 2019 

Update on: 22 Jan 2020


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 STATUTEN «EurAsia Forum» 

The Official document of EurAsia Forum’s authorized by the Swiss Confederation